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place, then be affured he is very old, and exceeding wafted.
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the process of respiration the oxygen is reduced to eleven per
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anoint it with this Salve, and in twice or thrice dreffing, the Canker
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The next thing to be obferved is, that one of the times muft be upon
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hot or uneasy. The knowledge that the saliva of a human be-
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when your Mare hath Foaled, fhe cannot void her Secundine, which is
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NClfe by accident, as from fome Wound, Rufli or Strain. The Cure
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greafe, of each a like quantity, of Wax one Ounce ^ boil all toge-
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Ears, Neck, Mane, Tail, and generally over the whole Body ; they da
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the Opinion of the old Farriers, To take a Razor, and cut open the
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of the ftiouider, making divers ftroaks one an Inch and an haif from
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the severe symptoms will gradually remit, with an expectoration
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the other, or any Wound whatfoever, as foon as your Rowels, i^leg-
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much nouri 'liment in it. Suppose a man wore to take some
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TH I S Difeafe of Brokec- winded, I have ever fmce I firft began to
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Sometimes youc Lambs will have Scabs on their Chins, ibmetlmes on
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of the Wind-Giill to hardnefs, and then the Horfe will be Lame
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take of Oil of Rofes, Venice-Turpentine and Honey, of each a like
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Tent to make it keep in, and ufe this until the Horfe be whole.
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many of the ignorant fort may be either amazed, diftraded or de-
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Raifms of the Sun, and pick out the Stones, and ten Figs, which you
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containing a small plate ot cartilage, which appears to be the rudiment of a third lid, such
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Head, if the pits over his Eyes be filled, fmooth, and even with his Tem-
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from the dark, coagulated blood which comes from the stomach.
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protruded and often bitten, there is foaming at the mouth, the
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Now for the narrow Buttock or ridged Rump, they are both weak and
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is continual Goldnef-5, ftarting up of his Hair, and much Feeblenefs and
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of unflackt Lime and Tartar, of each two ounces ; mix them together
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a pound of Sheeps Suet, new Sheeps Dung, boil all thcfe in the grounds
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upon him, and take efpecial Notice of his Countenance at all times,
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feeding, or through over-heating and labouring, or by the in-
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One of the most distressing and harassing of these is the cough,
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Treatment. — In the early stages of this disease it is best not
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the other two main great^Veins, yet of no Efficacy or Force, but fuch as
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of this Lint or Hurds; and thus do twice a Day, and it is a fpeedy
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mours flowing down to thofe Parts, through the Negligence of a mofl:
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ter forth, and anoint them with black ioap and Mercury mixt together;
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IF you defire to make in your Horfe's Face, or any other part, a red Star,
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In Ke7it and HartfordJInre^ they cut Peafe and Oats fmall, and give
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fureft for every mean Capacity. This Oil of Oats is of all Medicines and
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Sometimes he starts out of bed, and rushes to the window for
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gree, doth refulve Tumours, and draweth away Humours.
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prefcribed, are not to breed fat that will continue) is, firft to give your
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is weakness and debility, combined with a scrofulous or diseased
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anoint or rub them over with Sweet-Oil or Butter, and fo give them to
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as is before fliewed^ renewing that Tent twice a Day till the Sorance
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water to soften it, should be pared carefully aAvay, particular
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fhall then, for the Cure thereof, firlt take a ftrong double Canvas, which
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covered AAdth a single layer of epithelium, like that on serous
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Cendon ; then having ftanched the Blood either with Swines-Dung,
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it, and juv^ i*: the riorfe luke-warm. . Now there are not any of thefe
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Now when you have occafion to ufe it, firft wa(h the fore place
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Shade, except they be very moift and apt to putrify ', they laft for the moft
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plies himfelf : Sir, I am forry to fee your Horfe in fo bad a Plight^ then
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Elicampane, which hath the firings at the Roots taken from it, or
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fupporting of a great Burden beyond the Horfe's ability, or by fome Blow
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Matter williffue forth, but only a thin yeilowiHi Water, neither will the Swelling
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€th Vvind, killeth Worms, and loofneth ; yet to give too great a quantity is
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