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Acute Inflammation of the Bowels. — This is an inflam-

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vvelj rubbed, and well meated, and the Stable fweet and clean kept, pre-

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yet moift and well fixt together •, but if the Brownnels turn to Rednefs,

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heal it, if there be no fuch things then in a fliort time it will draw

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CHAP. Xlll. The Government of Cattle^ and the ordering of Kine

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Vinegar, and apply it to the Grief. Others ufe to take a Plaifter of

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half a Quartern, of Cinnamon half an Ounce, of Licoras and Annifeeds,.

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The Roots of Elder, beaten to Powder, and boiled with Honey, is good

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But our beft Farriers ufe, after they have rowelled the Horfe, as

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of the Body or Legs, lofs of the Horfe's natural Colour, no' Appetite

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thing difficult, by reafon of the long Dews and declining Sun at his fea-

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and quinine, either in the form of pills or mixture, as follows: —

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ings and feet-warmers by day, is the best way to prevent chil-

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inward Bowels, coming through the Refolution of the Mufcles, ferv-

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Pig. ISIow to conclude, for the general forfaking or loathing of Meat^

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out all the Jelly, tent the Hole with a Tent of Flax dipt in Turpen«

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Chap. XXVII. Of the Fever Accidental, coming by fome Wozirid received.

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but if when heftriketh, he Fisks with hisTail alfb, then it is either Bots or

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Leeks, andftarnp them fmall, and Soap, Milk and Butter, and being


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there is inflammation or congestion of the mucous membrane as

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he hath been either heated on his Foot by labour, or foundred,

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11. The Eleventh thing to be taken notice of is, that you muft neither

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any kind. The whole s- '3stance of the organ, or one or more

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ings reach them, live sparingly, avoid stimulants, especially fer-