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terize whatfoever, that you ever draw with the Hair, and never againft the

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j[ Dilference touching the letting of a Horfe Blood : For fome would

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know it by this fign, the Horfe will turn round like a Beaft that is trou-

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ler, yet havinc; a blunt edge, fcrape the Sweat off from his Body, lay-

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The Cure of this Diieafe, ^.ccording to the Manner of the Ttnlians and

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ter than ever it did. Other Farriers ufe to cut out the foal below

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infide of the Fore-legs and are called the Shank-veins, which are opened

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gentle laxative, are usually sufficient to remove the disease.

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warm, or elfe as much of Man's Urine, with half ^o much HoggVGreafe,

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recreace themfeives with Hunting Direr and ocher wild Beafts, Horles were

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the other Bone ; when it is right and laft together, get two wooden Pricks

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but a confuiion of all together, but perfefts all things, lb in time you may

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perience depression of spirits, morbid and gloomy imaginations,

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whereof, according to the Ancients, is. To take a Sheep's Headunflayed,

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been found to give immediate relief. For painters', or lead colic,

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Handfuls, from the Withers to the Fillets twelve Handfuls and from

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ations of temperature, and absorbing the insensible perspiration.

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fected by talving twelve drops of laudanum in half a gill of the

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l\ew Ale, >nd a little Black Soap, and give it tlie Horle to drink. O-

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and Humidity from the Earth, and then let them out, and keep them on

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physical, and also pressure upon the part affected.

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Galls, Soot, or the Afhes of Avellan, of each half an ounce; and

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be employed. The following is a good mixture: Prepared

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TAke of Wormwood, Sage^ Rofemary, and the bark of an Elm, or of a

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ing the Sore with your left Hand, pulling it fomewhat from the Sinews,

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ceptible beneath the fur, there is a scarlet fever present ; a

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vital parts, but alfo ftoppeth up the Conduits and VelTels of Wind, and

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then within a Day or two you fhail fee thofe which you drefs with

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Horfe whatfoever ^ yet I will wiih all Farriers not to be too bufie with

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fafling, keeping the Horfe from drinking three or four Hours afcer. O-

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thruft forth thefe unnatural Excretions.' Otherwife ic proceedeth from

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Although the teeth form so prominent and distinguishing a

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them^vell together in a difh, and put thereto the Whites of three Eggs,

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moment. If it be White, it is worj(e, yet with much eafe cured.

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the bignefs of a Spaven ; then take two penny-weight of Verdigreafe

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end or tip of the Ear, cut a hole through the Skin of the Neck th^ ieiigti)

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tory of che Wall, Brank TJrfine ftampt with S wines- greafe, and lay

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brou£>;ht unto that evil habit o'( Body, that of NeceiTity he muft be purg-

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Raifins, fod well together in ftrong Wine, or elle they cut out the Ker-

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rule of treatment is not to attempt by opiates or by other di-

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jg^ which is a Difeafe moft plain^ both to be felt and ^ztn j then the

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top of the VVichers, and flroaking the Wind up equally with your

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in numbers according to the age and strength of the patient,

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doth ; and therefore this never waxeth hard, nor groweth to a Bone,

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back, and ride him a while roundly up and down a Road ; then alight

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will creep into their Holes, and kill them or fright them out. Sixth, The

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and then to burn all the Knots as is aforefaid, and then to heal the

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power. It is eminently contagious and infectious, and often pre-

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Plaifter thereof two Fingers broad, and as long as will go round about

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of Rue, chop them likewife, put all theie into three Quarts of ftrong

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from any Light. Other Farriers ufe to anoint the Horfe's Eyes with

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Firft then, A good Hoof fliould be fmooth,of Colour Black and

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beat it to Powder, and mix -it with a little White-wine, then after it hath

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