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CHAP. I. The hefl Method^ and fpeediefl vray for Orderhiv^ of Race-

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Take another vessel ; mix a wineglassful of white-wine vinegar

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B.ithj and of their fever al i.fes, p. II2. General Drenches or Jldedicines for all the

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ing the skin with a Cronet, prick the Ring-bone. Laftly, :ftrow

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upon them with fuch fury, that in revenge of his Mafter's Death, he kill'd

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* IpH E fplating of the Shoulder, is, when by fome dangerous flip or

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dry in the ihird Degree ; it helpeth obftruftions in the Liver, opereth and

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and air. These glands are distributed more or less closely over

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formerly ; but to this, above what has been fpoken of, you muft add

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yon fliall give him to drink the lame Drink v^hich is formerly let dowa

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if it chance to break out above the Hoof, then apply alfo the fame

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thruft forth thefe unnatural Excretions.' Otherwife ic proceedeth from

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and of Saltj of each a handful ; boil thefe well in a Pottle of ftrong

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take the Powder of Verdigreafe and Orpiment, of each an ounce ;

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peroxide of iron, and the rest of lime, magnesia, potash, soda,

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fine Powder,and put it into White-wine, being well tempered with a little

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blue vitriol, 1 scruple. For grubs in the skin, stimulate it by

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the Skin be broken or fvvoln fome manner of way, or elfe laying your

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be protracted for several hours. The most frequent, perhaps, of

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we have elongated papilla, presenting bright red spots ; and in

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rain Unguents whofe Vertues do loofen the Skin, chear up the inward

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with fome Prick, then make aftift" Tent either of Tow or Lint^ fuch

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sal volatile, h dram. Mix in a Avineglassful of camomile tea, and

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internal ear or labyrinth. The external ear consists of an ex-

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cine: Sulphate of magnesia, four ounces; sulphate of iron, eight

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and then be careful to keep the Horfe's Eye from Wind or Cold : But if

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or wet Weather : And laftly, it proceedeth from a corrupt drinefs of

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beneath his Elbows, and then keep the nape of his Neck as cold as may

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be ware how you ftrain him too much, for it will do him a great Injury ;

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are most likely to be affected by it, and sometimes it has made

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Knobs ^ or laftly, by the Confamptioa of the whole Subftance thereof.

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him under the Eye, or drop Tar in his Eye, he (hall recover his fight the

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Cure to remove them into tome other lower Meadows to feed in.

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like a Bodkin fomewhat bowing at the point and thruftit in at

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will make him found. Yet fome hold, if you do with a hot Drawing-

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6 grains. Mix, and take in cold water. Or the following: Ace-

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the skin, or some eruption takes place about the nose, lips, or

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from the neck downwards, ought to be kept warm by clothing ;

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Soon delirium manifests itself; if questioned, the patient often

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Loam or Mud-Walls, their own Litter, or the like, which is very dange-

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that he be fafting when he takes it ^ and faft at leaft two hours after he

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will continue long and ask great Circumfpeftion in the Cure : The

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relief, two grains of opium, made soft Avith a little oil or con-

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becaufe it proceedeth only from Flegm, cold and grofs, which moiftneth

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substance termed white or medullary ; it is said to

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ministered, and when the bowels have acted, if there be much

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notwithftanding, then let his Drink be Milk given in the dark, left, the

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As to the excretion of urine. If you find yourself growing

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Farriers is, To take a Quart of fweet Milk, of Honey a Quartern,

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atives already reccmimended should be continued every second

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fpace of two Hours, and let him remain, during that time, in as much

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open the Hoof in the Toal of the foot, io as the Humour may have

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according to the Opinion of many Farriers, is. To take the Skin of

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the bignefs of a Wall-nut. Now the prefervative of this Difeafe, (for

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growing in the upper Jaws, next unto the great grinding Teeth, which

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him reft unwalKed,, for fear of iocfening his lioofs j but if you fee he

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perfiuous fwcird Flefli which overgrows theTdre Teeth, and

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like those caused by a scald, appear on the surface; if the in-

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