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this matter. Glasses should be worn Avhen diniculty is experi-

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thereof, and give two Spoonfuls thereof with a Pint of running Water,

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Disorders of the Oil Glands.— When the skin is not well

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jturpofe. If you are not ftrong enough to Knead it with your Hands

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MyrrH, or the. Powder of burnt Silk, or Felt, or Cloath or of any

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Loofenefs of the Teeth^ then the Cure is, according to the Opinion

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ftrike the Vein within three Fingers or lefs of the Chap, (fince the higher

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a horrible and loathsome disease, and very commonly proves

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make any Incifion with a Knife, where there be either Veins, Sin.ews, or

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lining membrane of that organ. In these cases, the patient is

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old Farriers^ it is thus ; Fir ft pare the Hoof till you may fee the SorCj,

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of the Mouth, do caufc them to rankle, fwell, and breed corrupt

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this is not strictly true. However sudden the attack itself may

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toast and water. Brotlis of an unstimulating character, such as

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muft be well grafted, firm and round, his Fillets or Haunches ftrair, ftout

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dle him, rub his Head well, and give him Hay ^ flack no Girt till it be

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fomentations to the stomach and loins; drink freely of linseed

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of evil Humours which refort downward, they are much deceived j for

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prick the Vein under it wi'h an Awl in two ©r three Places, and fo it will

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ket, leaked in Water, and wrung ; then over it a dry Blanket, then gird

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old Farriers^ it is thus ; Fir ft pare the Hoof till you may fee the SorCj,

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there will grow in the Place a certain fuperfluous piece of Fleih like

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ther, and ftop that into his Ears \ I for my part, think it too ftrong,

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which keeps on increasing until it is breathed by persons who

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life is to amputate the limb ; and this must be done before the

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mix'd together, Labour and the Sun, there cannot cliufe but be bred

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thereof the firft Day into the Noflril that bleedeth, caufing his Head

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ciple ; oat meal, 13 flesh-forming, 70 heat-giving, 3 mineral salts;

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in which the attack terminates in expectoration ; when it does

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ounce^ of Suet one ouncBj of Oil an ounce^ of Wax three ounces,

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back part of the mouth, which receives the masticated food,

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much, and Bridleth the Horfe up a quarter of an hour before he rideth :

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deeper, and it becomes chronic, which has all the symptoms of

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and lb relblved with others, that a Horfe had no Brain : But after, upon

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order from without inwards — the serous, muscular, areolar, and

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CHAP. CLXXX. 0/ the makhig of Curtails^ or cuttivg of the

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veins being suffused. On a close examination, the red vessels

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it till it be Black : Then add to it Burnt-AUom the Qiiantity of your

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Iron, of what fafhion foever^ the other Potential, which is done by the

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Mild cases may be successfully treated as here recommended.

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and fometimes from the anguilh of a Blow or Stripe received. The Signs

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These hair-follicles, into which the sebaceous glands open, are,

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fwoln places, with the Charge aforefaid, until you perceive that the Fire is killed j

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crasies, and we speak of tlie gouty or other state of that man

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lirious patient is fear, and in his efforts to escape from an imagin-

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cal constitution of the blood, it may be regarded as consisting

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Bole-Armoniack and Bean- flower as will thicken the fame, and mix

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Chap. LIL Of the Fretnz.edy Broken, and Rotten Lungs.

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does not bring relief, a dose of salts, or sweet tincture of rhu-

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Mattery and this you may do twice a day at leaft until it be whole.

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with a Rowel of Tow dipt in Turpentine, Wax, and Sheeps-Suet

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6. The Sixth, not to be overheat, nor his Spirits to be wafted by long and

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only a cup or two of tea, or a little thin gruel, and the chances

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ter. In the advanced stage of this disease great beneht will

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