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of various kinds, but are usually divided into immovable, mova-
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will in two or three Days dry up the Sore. Other Farriers ufe firft to
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Labour or Cloaths, then to give him to drink a Quart of White-wine,
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greatest present sufferings, and most fearful after-consequences
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rick, and a little quantity of Brimftone, beat them into Powder, put
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too, in fuch fort as the Vein goeth, yet not above an Inch at the moft in
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Ce/5, which we call Oniom, is hot in the fourth Degree : It doth cleanfe
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ther continue warm, and it will prevent Scab and Mange, when they come
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it i. thus : Take a barreled Herring out of the Pickle with a foft row, and
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been declared, nor muft you encreafe them, norftrain your Horfe more
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thers ufe to give him wet Hay, and moderate Travel: Then take twenty
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of the Leg, and this ^plent on the outfide is ever kaft dangerous.
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perfect type of natural food, but only for children. Butchers'
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taking food is to keep up the original size, &c., of the body, and
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two Ounces, beaten all into fine Powder, and give it him luke-warm with
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muft be done by moderately Dieting him and often Exercifing him, which
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his Step even, it fhews an unwillingnefs to Travel and a weaknefs in his
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and keep him ty'd up of Days. This makes him wakeful at Night, and
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defceiiding from the Liver or Gall down into the Guts : Sometimes by
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in Wine ; then take half a Pint of that, and another half Pint of old
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warm water, rub, chafe, and bathe ail that part where the Vein iieth;
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great constitutional disturbance, and fever of an inflammatory
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The heart may be popularly described as a hollow muscle,
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all together, and give a good quantity thereof to the Horfe at Morning,
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comes ulcerated, and emits a bloody, foetid, sticky, yellowish
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l\Q\v fov cxtraordir.ary Fevers, they ever proceed either from Corrup-
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the internal ear, or tympanum, is about one and a quarter
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a Avineglassful taken every hour Avill suffice. For a child, the
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it lelf not only through all the Arteries, but even the Veins of a Horfc^s
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Cometh in, give him any Meat v/hatfbever that he will eat. At Noon
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Or the folloAving : Burnt Alum, ^ drachm ; Biborate of Soda, ^
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ward Sicknefs, or outward Grief, neither Sweateth much, nor flieweth
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fif his Years will permit him) to let the Horfe Blood in the Neck- Vein,
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This difficulty arises in a great measure from the term being a
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his Body, and Ibme girded all over from hi! Head to his Tail, to force
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liver; fc, gall-bladder; /, biliary duct; m, mesentery; 2. ascending colon ; r, s, <, transverse
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of Iron red hot, hold it fo near that it may dry the Salve upon the Sore;
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der, ibid. OfFoundring in the Body, being a Surfeit got cither by A<feat, Drinky
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form of eruptive disease, which affects a person but once in a
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mode of living fail to relax the bowels, inject warm water by
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caufe that Vein is not eafily found by every ignorant Smith,and thatmany
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lancholy, and where the Humours do moft abound ^ and then what
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means whereof the Sand and Dirt remaining in the Hair, fretteth the
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till you have dried away the Blood, and that no more Moifture cometh
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Skull i then with a blunt Inftrument for that Purpofc, loofe the Flelh
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sensual habits, or anything that undermines the general health.
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tigfirtion, if the Reader follow the Advice of this Poftfcript.