1. Is Altace The Generic Or Trade Name

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course is not so much relied on or practised now as formerly.
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of the Stable for feven Days. If his Grief be in any nether Joint,
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ingendreth good Blood, increafeth Strength and Courage, and maintain-
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Take a Bunch of Penny-royal, and tie it to the Mouth of your Bitt
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ies Ear that runneth, renewing it once a Day till the Ear leave running.
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let the Horfe ftand in fome cold running Stream the fpace of a quarter
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either Flailter or Unguent, tor you Ihall underihnd, that when a Hoife
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1. is altace the generic or trade name
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mation, you iiiall underftand that it cometh by Means that the Blood
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as asthma, scarlet fever, etc. ; anything debilitating the diges-
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you may affure yourfelUi^^y aie fubjeQ to,sotiennefs j you malt beat
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ing than your lelf on your Horle-back by riding him gently till you come
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and at or near a certain hour; but a deviation from this rule is
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and Benjamine, and bruifmg them grofly together, burn them under the
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nefs of hearing, help tiring. Cramps, Scurvy, the Stone, fioppings of the.
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his sufferings by all nieans in our power, to do so with duo cau-
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The Roots of Elder, beaten to Powder, and boiled with Honey, is good
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and give it the Horfe falling iu the Morning to drink '-, then Ride him
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toms are agonizing pain in the region of the bladder, often ac-
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difh and Coals, mixt them together, give it the Horfe to drink, this will
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and quinine, either in the form of pills or mixture, as follows: —
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alfo is a fign of an inward Ulcer, and that the Difeafe is paft Cure. Now
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proceed many times from the Flux of Humours dillilling from the Brain,
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out all the Jelly, tent the Hole with a Tent of Flax dipt in Turpen«
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Salt only, or wafti it with Salt and Vinegar 'till it be wliole. Others
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them down the Horfe's Throat. Pills of fomewhat llrong Nature are to
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Chap. XL. How gfktainly to take away any Coldy Foz,ey or Ratling in the
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he hath been either heated on his Foot by labour, or foundred,
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Mouth, and fom.etimes fome Blood alfo. the Cure is prefently to give a
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Stone with the Nerves and firings they hang by, and clofe your Tongs under
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together with the Cold alfo proceeding from corrupt Seed, which cometh
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with a hard Halter, or from fome evil Humour congealed In the Ears by
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Ground, then it is in the bhoulder, and is a new hurt : If he call: his
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Rats-Tails 22 5. An appravtd Cure for the Scratches p, 225:. The Ring-kne
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only take Black Soap and Mercury, asbeforefaid, and anointing your
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cal chamber, about one inch in diameter, having the segment of
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Head ake, and caufes him to leave his Meat, be Sick, and hard-bound,
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found in Cautery is, that it commonly leaveth a great Scar, which is
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thrice a Day, and" it will grow faft, andendureas well, or rather bet^
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termination of his sufferings. All these are characteristic of in-
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fhall then either put a red filk Thread, dipp'd in Oil of Butter, or elfe a
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a week. Inhaling the fumes of tar made warm in a teapot is
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Body where he intendeth to let Blood. Next he muft look to the Horfe's
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luddenly , or elle of extream Hunger cauled by long Fafting. The
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his Tuel, and hold it hard and dole more than half an hour, in which
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Assisted by other able Physicians and Surgeons of America and Europe.
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.elfe to be anointed with the' Juice of the Herb caUed Nighc-fhade, of
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a spare diet. In all cases the state of the digestive organs
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CHAP. XL VI. Of the Vain and Grief in a Horfis Withers. ''
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luke-warm •, then caft in another Egg, and another Hornfull : Aiid thus
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