Landscape Secrets


No property is complete without proper landscape and lawn care maintenance. Even the biggest of houses can be made to look less appealing with a barren and undesirable landscape, which is why some selling points of properties are focused mainly on the front and back yard’s appearances.

The are secrets to follow in order to make your property the nicest it can possibly be. Follow these simple rules and you’ll have one of the most aesthetic looking properties in your area.

Tree Removal

While a nice row of trees can give life to a boring area or region, you definitely don’t want to over it. There has to be the right balance of trees and openness in a property, or else the tall trees will overwhelm the house and remaining space. So what do you do if you think you have a forest surrounding your house? Don’t try to remove the trees yourself, since they likely have been growing bigger and sturdier for a longer time than you have. Instead, call Wilmington Tree Removal and have them take car of the job for you. These professionals will come right over and clear out any unwanted trees and shrubbery in the way and help your property reach its potential. What more is that they will even suggest which areas to remove and what to leave untouched. There is nothing quite like an expert’s outlook on a job, since they see some of the best and some of the worst properties on a day to day basis. If you want a special tree to keep or even begin growing, try the Cherry Blossom, as it will add colorful beauty to your property anywhere.

Debris Cleanup

Along with clearing out excess trees, you’ll want to ensure that you take care of any and all debris that come from the trees beforehand. Once the trees are out, you’ll really see just how much debris and nature they can leave behind. In order to keep your grass and lawn looking the best it can, make sure to rake and rid the lawn of acorns, leaves, and branches that fell or were left behind in the tree clearing process. You can use your own discretion with this one. Some people like the nature look when there’s leftover acorns, branches, leaves, pebbles, and pine cones on their lawn, since it fits in with a nice Autumn look. However, others others prefer the spotless look to show neighbors that they keep their property in tip-top shape.

Sometimes lawn care can be a fun activity, especially on a beautiful fall day. Nothing quite beats a nice day out under the sun, in the crisp Fall air, and hopefully with a football in your hands. Take care of the landscape around your property and reward yourself with a nice toss or a nice relaxing day out in nature. Sit back and admire your job well done – and know that you’re not alone. Everybody else who passes, especially the neighbors who always seem to annoy you on a Sunday morning, are admiring the same.

Just a Fun Day

Well today was a great day, the sun was shining, the weather was warm. My daughter and I went for a walk to the community center today. They were having a small event today (from 11am – 3pm) for children that included arts and crafts, some entertainment (a magician and some jugglers) and some refreshments.

Now if you are a mother and have a 4 year old, then you know how short their attention span can be unless it’s something really interesting. Well when we got there, there was a lot going on with all the people around and all the other colorful decorations. They had small craft sections set up that the kids could do different crafts at such as making a turkey (by tracing your hand), little “wands” and other small crafts for young children.

My daughter couldn’t wait to get started with all the crafts, let alone play with all the other children. We when to each craft station and made the crafts. I know have 2 of everything (since mommy had to make some too). Also of the ideas where every simple and something anyone could do with their children for very little to even no extra money. They are great family fun activities and I plan to do a few of them when we have play dates with some of the other children and their mommies. Two crafts I like where the turkey and the colorful garland, since it’s close to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here is how you do both of them and what you will need.


What you need:

1 – Piece of constructions paper (white works best)

1 – Box of crayons

Step 1

Put your or your child’s hand flat against the paper and trace their hand with a crayon.

Step 2

Have them pick out some colors from the box of crayons and put a face on where the thumb was.

Step 3

Have them color the turkey and ret of the paper however they want to.

Step 4

Hang on the refrigerator or someplace else that everyone can see it and enjoy the decoration.

Next is the colorful garland and what you will need for it.

Colorful Garland

What you need:

1 – Glue stick

1 – Package of bright colorful construction paper

1 – Pair of child safe scissors

1 – Ruler

Step 1

Take a piece of construction paper and lay it like you would if you were going to write on it. Then take the ruler and place it on the paper (where the ruler runs the full length of the paper).

Step 2

Trace the ruler to make even with and length spaces till you can no longer make them on the paper. Repeat with as many pieces of paper as you want.

Step 3

Cut along the lines you just made till all you have left is the even strips.

Step 4

Take one strip and put glue on one end and then bend the paper till the other end can be attached to the glued end.

Step 5

Take another strip and slide it through the ring you just made and repeat Step 4. You will do this for all of the strips till you have no more strips left.

Step 6

Hang the colorful garland up around the house. Works well for holidays, birthdays or pretty much any occasion depending on the colors you use.

We have both of these crafts hanging up in the house now and my little girl says she can’t wait to do more stuff like this. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and you too can do them with your little one for more family fun memories.


Just bought my own Cherry Blossom Tree.

Trees with cherry blossom along a path through grass

Well I am a proud owner of a cherry blossom tree which I plan to put in my back yard next week. I am having a tree service come out and plant it for me and I can’t wait. It will take a while before I will be able to sit under it when it blooms, but I cannot wait till then. I fell in love with them when I was over in Japan while my husband was stationed there. We were there for 3 years and I have to say I loved it so much and really wish we could have gone back. Grant it the plane tickets home to visit family in the states where expensive, but I will love living there.

We went to our first cherry blossom festival and viewing our first year there. My husband’s unit thought it would be nice if a few of them went with their families to check it out since we were all new to the area. If was so much fun and lively event. I had seen things similar to it in Japanese anime, but was not sure if it help true or even close. Well I have to tell you it does (or at least it similar to the anime depending on where you are living in Japan).

There were a lot of people in yukata and kimonos. There was so much color, patterns and everything that it made it all so wonderful. Some of the wives made lunches and we had picnics under the trees during the day and then went to the festival in the evening ad watch fireworks (our husbands where not too happy with that part though).

I think that is when I truly fell in love with the Cherry Trees and we had gone to it each year we were there and a few of us wives would have picnics with each other and their children during the day and our puppy (yes they allow animals but the quarantine for them is horrible) unless you buy the puppy in Japan, which we did. She is a cut mixed mutt we found in the rescue, she is so adorable that I named her Sakura. If anyone know the meaning of Sakura is then you will not be surprised when I say it mean “Cherry Blossom”. She has since grown and fits in well with our family and she loves our little girl.

Once we came back to the states I was a little depressed because I started missing the things that became familiar to me, so we decided to get a cherry blossom tree and continue our new tradition we started when we lived in Japan. I can’t wait to have picnics under the cherry blossoms with my family and friends once we are able to. I also plan to have our daughter dressed in her yukata when we do family gatherings that will take place under the cherry tree. All of our family said they will be happy to participate in this new tradition and when our daughter gets older we plan to go to Japan again for a visit during one of their cherry Blossom Festival events.

Well I am going to get going and let my hubby know (he just walked through the door) that we are getting our cherry tree this weekend.

Stay tuned to this blog.


4 questions to ask a tree service company.


Whether you want to hire a local handy man, or a professional from a tree service company, you would definitely have some questions to ask. You want the best job done for your money. In times like these every little thing matters, and you don’t want problems such as having a professional, or one who claims to be, not doing or preforming in the most accurate way they should. To get the best service whether from a professional, tree services, or handyman you must first know what you want. If your going on the right path, which is the tree service company, it’s more important you outline your specific outcome and main goal. Some of these maybe:

Do you have qualified experts this area?

You want the best professional help you can get. Most tree services will say that they do, but to get addition feedback from their representative may strengthen your belief. Also you don’t want to be liable for anything done wrong during the working period, so to ensure efficiency and accuracy it’s best to ask, bear in mind some tree service company doesn’t have an insurance policy.

Do you have the right machine for the specific task?

This is important to ask, because there are some machines use to cut specific trees. Ensure you get a company that is financially stable. State of the art machines is a plus, effective working machines must be a top priority. Try to research various tools or machine use to do your specific task. Having the basic knowledge maybe helpful.

Payment plans.

Money runs the world, and that should be a question to ask. Try to understand the payment plans made by these companies, evaluate them with other tree services. Some may be more expensive than others, but you have to know why. Are some companies more advance with their service? These and others might be the reason why. If your comfortable paying the price just to ensure the work is done properly, well that’s just fine.

Special bonuses/discounts.

We all need cheaper services. So this is a step to save some extra cash. Try to ask about companies promotions and so on. If you know of a company which don’t provide these servies, this may not be the right one for you, not saying that your mean, but its just fair to treat customers special. These promotions not just save you money, it shows that the companies are passionate in what they do and care for their customers, now wouldn’t you want a service like that?

So it all depends with the relationship you have with your tree service company. They may try to convince you to choose them for the job, but its up to you to choose. If a certain service interest you well find out more and try to gravitate around them. If you have problems finding a tree service ask friends and relatives, this would be much easier as their opinions, if positive, would save you a lot of time in finding one yourself.

Three important steps to market your tree service company.


When it comes to marketing any business, it’s tricky and can be quite complicated. You have to know who your audiences are, the strategies of promoting your products, the different marketing tool to advertise your products and so on. In the tree service industry, its no different. Here are the three most important plans you should put in place for your business, in order to be success in the marketing field.

Know your audience.

Inorder to promote anything you must first take the time to think about the consumers that are going to use or buy your services. What age group does your product attracts, where would be the best places to promote your services. For example does it apply to people in the rural areas or people in the urban areas. You must also be aware of the diversity of your audience, a majority of the consumers may live in the same area, but what about the rest, who wants the product, but not in the area where it demands more? You have to be thoughtful and versatile, everyone counts in this business, escpecially the tree industry.

Promoting your services ‘online’.

Gone were the days when business owners gives out brochures, business cards, put up posters etc. We live in a time when technology is taking over, so the right thing to do is follow the same method. Using online advertisement gets the word across much better, it attracts a wider range of consumers. Whether it’s over the internet or the televison. This method of advertisement gives you the power to attract millions of consumers, just through a couple sentences. Yup thats right. The internet is one of the best marjeting tool to advertise anything. There are alot of ways to advertise your product or seevices, but you must know the best way to do it, whether through blogs, articles, webpage, videos, etc. As long as you have a good mindset and knows what you want you can’t be wrong with the internet.

Develope a business relationship.

This might seems a bit easy, but it’s really a hard task. Many businesses including tree companies, don’t know how to develop a suitable relationship with their customers. So after you decide your audience target, promote your business, get the attraction you need, you simple leave it there. No, never, you must at all times keep pushing for something more, if you want to be a growing company, let the consumers know they serve a purpose (otherwise from making you money), you’ll lose them to other competetive companies and that’s the last thing you want. Bring about other services that will make your audience feel important and allow them to think you care for their needs. Develop helpful services, and you’ll be surprise to see a growing increase in revenues because you will give them something that benefits them in a positive way, and it would be more like a win win situation.

Marketing a tree service company, all depends on your auduence taste, what you can offer, something that’s unique and honest, and would definately serves as a benifactor to ensure a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Is it important to hire tree services?


If you need a professional handling of your outdoors, well hiring a tree service company might be a smart idea. At all times it is important to hire a tree service company, but we may not be able to afford it. Small jobs around the yard, we may find as easy task, but for the more time consuming and dangerous ones, we definitely need professional help.

It is important when such matters arise, we seek help. Don’t try to cut down a fallen tree, that’s lodge between electricity post, chances are you may not know the basic knowledge required to perform such task. Don’t try to take matters in your own hands and cut down a 100ft Maple tree, unless you are a lisecnce tree cutter or done such jobs. Safety is the best policy. Contact a tree service company, that’s why they are here, to provide help and assistance in this field.

They have a variety of workers and experts who are ready to take on the challenge in this field. Whether you are looking an arborist, a tree prunner, a tree cutter or climber, they are here for the rescue. This can save you time and the stress of hard labour. The price is always right and you get your money’s worth. With good professional services, and experts in this field the job will always be done in a successful manner.

The risk of putting yourself in danger is really high, especially when you have little experience in tree servicing. You don’t want to put yourself or your family members in danger. The right thing to do is call a tree service company and they will take care of the situation.

A service providing easy and affordable method of solving your outdoors need is something to cherish and be grateful for. Hiring professionals to take care of your needs could never be so accessible. They do the job so you don’t have to.

Many tree services come with a variety and affordable payment plans to fit your criteria and schedule. They also provide free quotes. These companies are well equipped and have their different equipment for different services. Their state of the art machines, help to cut the time and also cut your pocket of the expenses if you were to buy those machines for your outdoors. Having the right tools for your tree servicing jobs, may not be accessible to you, but these companies and their state of the art machines, there’s nothing they are without.

In concluding, whether you are touching up your house or remaking it, with the help of professionals for your tree services may be the smart way to accomplish your backyard or outdoor goals. Saving time and money is what we all need and it is no different with tree servicing. For a healthty and safe environment for you to live in and work, professional help is always the best way to go, to ensure a satisfied and complete job is done well.