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or five Days, in which Time you muft prepare a good Quantity of
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Clinical Thermometer. Sure Indicator of Serious Illness, 617
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and it will ripen, break and heal it ; but if you would not have the
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one of Euforbium, and two ounces of Arfnick, and mixing them to-
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Number, Quantity, or fight of the Member evil affefted and difealed : Or
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on it, for that will cleanfe and defend it ; and than this Medicine,
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Horfe, which many Rammifh Jades will do, when they feek to ftrike
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no Salve will diffolve, take a fine thin hot Drawing Iron, and draw
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a R^ed Cloth, and therewith rub the Splent, and fmooth it upon the top
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supplied partly by fuel and partly by clothing. Exercise warms,
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difiike'of Meat, a continual defire to be laid. The Cure is, to pour into
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