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The following is also an excellent remedy for a cough:
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Every half hour give tablespoonful doses of the compound pow-
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putrid substances have been taken into the stomach. If it arise
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from' each other, and there put your pricks crofs under the Skin, then wrap
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or every Day s B ever, and the Cure, p. 25. Of the Tertian Fever, ibid. Of
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^ juft Thirty eight, as you may more plainly perceive by the Pifture afore-
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ftifF Leather, fuch as is in the upper part of an old Shooe, with
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will Sweat tho' they ftand ftill in their Stalls, which commonly denotes the
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els should be kept gently open by means of the common black
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a great variety of circumstances, and varies from a few months
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E. The nerve which sui)pllcs the diaphragm. F. Branch of tho sympathetic nervo. G. A
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the latter tonic spasms, as lockjaw ; when the convulsions are
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^ Cabbage is hot in the firU,and dry in the fecond Degree; it cleanfeth and'
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ciples touching Simples p. 3 1 2. Of Weights and Meafures to know them by their
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already rehearfed are fufficient enough for the healing of any gall'd back
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or fix Inches long, andftiaving it round till it be not above three Inches
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where it runneth down, and about the hole of the fore wili be a kind
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beaten together, and fo give it the Hbrfe luke-warm to Drink.
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who value health. On the other hand, the head is often — in in-
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Horfe ftandeth in the Stable> he ftretcbeth out his fore-Leg, and fet-
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Walsh, in his Domestic Economy^ gives the following on the
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The organs of generation in the male are — 1. The testes
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Match you fhall Shooe him. Poll him, and all things el fe that you Ihall
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marks, are beyond the reach of surgical treatment; or, if they
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of the day. Food when taken into the stomach requires an
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of warm. Ale, one of the before menrioned Cordial Balls, the which will ex-,