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abstain from suppers, take short rest, sleep but few hours, and

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triment, doth in time confume. The figns of this Difeafe is a loathing

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up and dry away, leaving only crusts or scales. The main dis-

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lirium. On examination, the meatus is observed to be more or

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him go wide behind, which is an ordinary Pradice amongft the Itali-

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constitutions, and affects the system throughout both body and

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Firft, by a Loathing of his M^ats, next by the wafting of his Fleih,

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according to the old Farriers, is. Take a quart of ftale Urine, and

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Pehiferous Dileale almofl incurable ^. and for mine own Part 1 have Ceen

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Punicim Maluw, which we call Pomegranate, is cold and dry: It bind-

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their Legs in length ever grow the leafi, and by the bignefs of their

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then the fore foot will be ever the lelTcr; and you fhall alfo under-

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you muft obferve, that by no means you cut away two much of- the Wafk

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luke-warm Elder-Berries fodden in Milk. Others ufe to give the Horfe

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be any dead flefh within the fore, and either eat or cut it out : theri

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the chopt Nettles, and fo bind it to the Sore, renewing it once a Day

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ance, red color, tendency to spread, febrile symptoms, heat and

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five ounces, a little unflackM Lime, and of Honey one pound ; mingle

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surfoce of the skin and its sorrounding parts, which did not pass

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Asiatic Cholera. — The Asiatic, malignant, or pestilential

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disease. When the eye is bright, but not too much so, high

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or Razor, then make a flitrightagainft the botcom. To wide^ that you

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When there is a full habit, with a tendency to eruptions of

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of Weaknefs belonging to a Horfe's Back, which they call the fretting

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When the abscess has broken and discharged freely, the ear

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means to do it, or if he offer not, endeavour to make him do it, for it

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into Gra\^el, and after into a ibllid and hard Stone, of which both the

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or ftanding at the Stall, and there over-lavijhly fed ^ to bring him to a fit

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Biting of another when they either Play or Fight : Then for the Cure

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of Garlick half an Ounce, of Licoras and Annileeds of each a Dram,

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be very clean fifced from Duft, and given by a little at once •, and let his