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ings reach them, live sparingly, avoid stimulants, especially fer-

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Althaea, which we call white Mallows, is hot and dry : It loofneth

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three or four times a day, or a tea made of black or Virginia

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Iron, the edge of which Iron would be half an Inch broad, and make

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Treatment, — Give immediately from thirty to forty drops of

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wort, and put it to a quantity of Fat, and fb make the Beaft that hath loft

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and digestion, which forms the proximate cause of the disease."

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ounces, of Bedelium ■irhicum one ounce, of Deers-Suet one pound,

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Head ake, and caufes him to leave his Meat, be Sick, and hard-bound,

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posed of dense semi-transparent fibres, placed side by side, and

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the course of the diseased bone, of which occasionally small

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Wildfire in Sheep 16. HI. Of Hogs. Impofthumes under the Throats ibid.

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in the Book of Chyrurgery following, where the Sinew being cut in two

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then take a handful of Lawrel Leaves, and of Primrofe-Leaves, of

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and Madnefs in a Horfe, ibid. Of the Sleeping-Evil or Lethargy in a Horfe,

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of Verdigreafe one ounce beaten into Powder, and boil them together

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sition of health, strength, and vigor. In addition to active exer-

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luddenly , or elle of extream Hunger cauled by long Fafting. The

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CHAP. CLXXIV. The Order of talhg tip ofVehs^ and wherefore h is

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Assisted by other able Physicians and Surgeons of America and Europe.

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CHAP. XL VI. Of the Vain and Grief in a Horfis Withers. ''

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attack will })robably last for a couple of hours or more, when

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luke-warm •, then caft in another Egg, and another Hornfull : Aiid thus

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sounds are rendered possible. The parts AA^hich are immedi-

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very ftrong Vinegar ; boil them together until they be thick like an

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lemon juice; stir and drink while effervescing. The patient

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and, if the patient is pale and bloodless, give iron as a tonic.

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dilpofition to Rage and Fury • and truly to any Beaft, there is not a more

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with a small piece of alkanet-root, which should be taken out

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there ends by opening into the cardiac orifice of the stomach.

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REpetcuflive Medicines, or fuch as drive evil Humours back, are com-

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Flefh upward, even to the top, and all over the Shoulder: Then (topping

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alike , melt them well together, and being warm, anoint all the Hoof

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every fquircing give him leave to hold down his Head, andtofnort

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This being done, about an Hour's fpace after, you fhall give him the"

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with Plantane and frelh Greafe boiled together, and it will perfeft their

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sight; surprise, joy, fear, or any sudden emotions; loss of blood,

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Strength and ancient Cuftom, and fo accordingly he fhall deal with him,

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and put it into the Hole, thrufting it down to the bottom with'a, Quill,

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with a little Bolfter of Canvafs keep it from falling down, and Drefs him

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r "1*^ H E ancient Farriers, and thofe of thefe prefent times, are at

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it is good for Expejience both in the Theorick and Prai^ick part of any

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fureft for every mean Capacity. This Oil of Oats is of all Medicines and

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