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ministered, and when the bowels have acted, if there be much

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notwithftanding, then let his Drink be Milk given in the dark, left, the

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As to the excretion of urine. If you find yourself growing

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Farriers is, To take a Quart of fweet Milk, of Honey a Quartern,

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atives already reccmimended should be continued every second

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fpace of two Hours, and let him remain, during that time, in as much

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open the Hoof in the Toal of the foot, io as the Humour may have

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according to the Opinion of many Farriers, is. To take the Skin of

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the bignefs of a Wall-nut. Now the prefervative of this Difeafe, (for

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growing in the upper Jaws, next unto the great grinding Teeth, which

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him reft unwalKed,, for fear of iocfening his lioofs j but if you fee he

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perfiuous fwcird Flefli which overgrows theTdre Teeth, and

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like those caused by a scald, appear on the surface; if the in-

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thering together of his Body, going crookedly, and not ftrait forward,

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beyond putting the patient to bed, and keeping the surface of

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unflack'd Lime, and the burned dregs of Wine ; and thefe are to be ufed to

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CH A t- . XXVI. ^(jw to make a Horfe Vowtt^ ayjd b) fo doings to avoid the

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panied by the production of a false membrane. At first this

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inches and a half long, fo that you may put in your Forefinger towards

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Nether-Lip five Inches long •, each of his jaws would be ten Inches long,

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thought necessary. The oil of turpentine, ten to thirty drops in

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bright red, and often hanging down so as nearly to close the

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surface of the body is warm or perspiring. It is frequently

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Herb of Grafs hath been laid to iteep ; or elfe to perfume the Stable with

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luke-warm, and it purgeth all cold Infrmities, but maketh the Horfe

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brjl of all other Medicines, for any dry Cough, never before revealed, p. 56. Of

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Sweat, or if you oblerve him to Pant, Tremble, or fetch his Breath fliort,

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ved for the fpscc of two Days, but let the Soles of his Feet be clean-

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your Incifion in the manner of a Half-Moon, it is the better.

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Farriers) eight ounces of unilack'd Lime, and then boil it till a quarter

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in consequence of their increasing or diminishing in size accord-

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him in his Cloaths till he Sweat, and then give him a Handful or two of

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Courage, Swift, and Nimble, and therefore both the Turky Horle and

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Acorns beaten fmall, and mixt together. Others ufe to make him a

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The lungs of an infant before birth are dark red, and con-

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found Flefhj and then heal it up^ as in cafe of Wounds. Alfo Preci-

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better, the longer yo keep the Sick Horfe tafting both before and after

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and protected, the eyes. Behind each ear there is also a bony

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heal it. Others ufe to take Garlick, Pepper, and Honey of each a.

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treatment as that prescribed under the head Abscesses.

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bindeth, eateth, and fretteth being a very ftrong Corrofive.

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the capacity of the cavities; second, eccentric, or aneurismal,

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Curry or Drefs your Horfe twice a-Day, that is, before Water, and

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Nature being, as it were, detained from her true and perfefl Cuftom,

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bent of the Ham of the hinder Leg • and it extendeth out into

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Black Soap, and fo much of ftrong Vinegar as (hall fuffice to make it

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Habit, or evil Colour of the Body, fpring from any other Grounds, than

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and of Saltj of each a handful ; boil thefe well in a Pottle of ftrong