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with oneof thefe Plailters, or Ointments; Take of Spima argotti o{ Vine-

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ing or Snorting appear, 3^et the Compafs of his Nole but fmall, his Mouth

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as eafily known by outward figns, as any Difeale whatfoever ^ as namely,

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wineglassful of decoction of elecampane once a day, has been

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Now for the Compofition of Clifters, you ihali underf.and, that they

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much weaked or dried. The figns of this Convulfion be, his Head and

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Dissolve a table-spoonful of common salt in a wineglass of

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of a Cow, till it be all of one Colour, and give it the Horfe to drink, and it will

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Bdellium, Black- Pepper, Bay-Berries, the Marrow of a Stagg, of

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(baking all over as if an Ague poflelfed him. The fpeedieft way to remedy

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bore, and anointing two Feathers therewith, thruft them up into the

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tionofSignof Cure.- For tins particular Palfie, that is, when a Hcrfe

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drams; bicarbonate of soda, 2 scruples; water. \ pint. Mix.

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the testicle in most cases, leaves hard swelling on the back of

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the jufter together ; then take a piece of a little line fomewhat bigger

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of disease. They may be high or low, clear or dull, muffled,

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they be thick like unto an Ointment; then walh the Wound with

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Place about half a dram in the mouth and let it dissolve grad-

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TFIe Stone or Pifs fuppreft in a Horfe, is, when a Horle would fain

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If it be asked what is meant by the term " health," it

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take the Soot of a Cauldron mixed with Honey and Oil, and anoint the

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Let the Light of your Stable be ever towards South and North, yet

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them. In the Winter feafon inftal them, rather than let them run abroad

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Acute or Inflammatory Fever. — This mostly attacks

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Lafcly, If you feed your Horfe only upon Provender, as Bread, Oats,

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in his Body neither too folu^le or loofe, nor too coftive or hard bounds

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ers take Wine, and old Oil, and Tar, mingled and boiled together,

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}vnife*s. end lift up the Hoof, and let the Vein bleed, (which as loiig

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with oneof thefe Plailters, or Ointments; Take of Spima argotti o{ Vine-

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Farriers, firft to cut away all the dead or proud flefh even to the Bone,

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Malvavifco ^ell fod and (tamped with Oleum Rofatum, being laid hot

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to the place troubled, as by binding Plaifters, as Pitch, Rozin, Ma-

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poze in the Head, which is ever joyned with the Dileafe : If of Heat

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the only fubftance of this Difeafe. Other Farriers ufe to keep the Hor(e

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snuffed up the nose. A solution of chloride of potassa, soda, or

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Bow Joint are made taper, leflening by cl^grees, and be well fit fhed ; all

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either with Linfeed Oyl, Sheep's-foot Oyl, or Keat's-foot Oyl, and

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that by over-hafty or fudden running of a Horfe (or other) prefently

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weighing Port ; or if you do not ride him outright, ride him half way and

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phannacum, which is to had almoft of every Apothecary. Others ufe to

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or laudanum ; apply hot flannels moistened with compound cam-

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tion till the pain is relieved, by giving ateaspoonful of compound

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flefh within his Nofe will be raw, and filthy {linking Savours, and

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The Quantity of Provender which you Jhall give your Horfe at one

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the Hptlib's Mouth, ft-rike him Blood about the third IBarr of the Root

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ly underftand, that the firft and eafiefl: are thele, either to take twenty

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could find no reafon more than their Labours, and the Heat |of the

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"^ H E Quartan Fever y is that which Ibme Farriers call a Tliird Day's

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times caused by excessive exertion and strong excitements of

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He (craping fiandsy and making of deep holes, he paws the Ground,

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itching,, and rubbing of the Eyes, and little fwelling, with fome loathnefs

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