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Joinc outwardj and the Bone on theinfide will be fomewhat bigger than
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days ; or elfe to lay unto it burnt Silk, burnt Felt, or burnt Cloath, any
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ther, and afterwards skin it with Cream, and the inner P^^ind of Elder
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but it is very certain you may fave your Sheep alive, if you take but
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we have elongated papilla, presenting bright red spots ; and in
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elf-} take a Pint of Muskadine and half a Pint of Sal!et-Oyl and being
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to wafh it with the broth wherein a Mpldy-warp and feme Swine's greafe
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and then be careful to keep the Horfe's Eye from Wind or Cold : But if
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also, y)aiticularly in adults, anxiety of mind and dejection of
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be ware how you ftrain him too much, for it will do him a great Injury ;
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Knobs ^ or laftly, by the Confamptioa of the whole Subftance thereof.
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CHAP. L XX VII. ^^« excellent appro'ved Mcdicitie for any
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diminifh them, according to the manner of the place grieved, and be fure
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ful of Rue or Mints, and a handful of Black Elleborus, and boil them
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which you may know what you buy, and whether to like or diflike
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becaufe it proceedeth only from Flegm, cold and grofs, which moiftneth
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Malmfey, and give it the Horfe to drink three Days together : Or elfe
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would give him twice in four Days a pint of Sack,half a Pint of Sallet-OiJ,
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Horfes, is none other than that which we call in Men the Run-
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fpace of two Hours, and let him remain, during that time, in as much
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middle, so tliat it is rather higher there than at either ex-
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necessary, change of air. Tlie diet should be nutritious, but
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down into the Limbs^ and there breedeththis Swelling j or elfe when
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growing in the upper Jaws, next unto the great grinding Teeth, which
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like those caused by a scald, appear on the surface; if the in-
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circulation, and men are poisoned by breathing, as well as by
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although they are but fmall, yet they are many times opened for ftiffnefs
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CH A t- . XXVI. ^(jw to make a Horfe Vowtt^ ayjd b) fo doings to avoid the
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in a QuilU blow the Skin from the Flefli, even all about ^ thenthruftr
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penis should be bathed several times a day in hot water, allow-
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be hard labor iind poor living, or aught which tends to impover
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men be unacquainted with thefe things, let them confer with the Farriers,
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accompanied by an expectoration of a clear, frothy substance,
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take them off, and putting them into a Prefs,prefs them moft exceedingly,
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luke-warm, and it purgeth all cold Infrmities, but maketh the Horfe
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Sweat, or if you oblerve him to Pant, Tremble, or fetch his Breath fliort,
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the lore, to wafh it with Wine; then lay upon it the inner rind of
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tenderness of the skin, and blistered surface. We call especial
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proper Places. Now for this ordinary Cold, which is ordinarily taken,
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fected, on an average, in forty-eight hours. He allows, without
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the beft Treacle two Ounces, and of the Powder of dried Rue one
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The lungs of an infant before birth are dark red, and con-
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better, the longer yo keep the Sick Horfe tafting both before and after
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treatment as that prescribed under the head Abscesses.
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the capacity of the cavities; second, eccentric, or aneurismal,
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the Fillets to the fetting on of the Tail fix Handfuls \ The length of the
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Black Soap, and fo much of ftrong Vinegar as (hall fuffice to make it
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him, and feldome let him ftand ftill for fear of getting cold, during the
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comes paler, the swelling there subsides, and sometimes blisters,
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When very frequent, large, and hard, it accompanies the full
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fowed alone, but if mixt with other Grain, from the beginnhg c
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up and down over it, a hot broad Bar of Iron, and then touch him
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Degree : It bindeth, comforteth, and refolveth Impofthumes.
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which loss of sight proceeds, is sympathetic, arising from a dis-
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alio Dogs of Pleafure, as, The Shepherd's Majlijf for watching his Flock,
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teaspoonful of citric acid in water four times a day.
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touch him gently with your Switch or Whip to make him llretch, the
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transit through this gland, whereby they are rendered more fit
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ducing impeded respiration, cough, and other distressing
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the White of an Egg, mingled with a little Bole-Armoniack, renew-
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on the fame Ground, fometimes in Ipacious Fields, green Meadows and Ri-
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