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the infedious Vapours that difiurb the Brain,then give him a Dram of fingle^

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Take of Mel Rofatum, of Sallet-Oil and^Turpentine, of each two Ounces,

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ter fcalding hot, and fo let him lie till it be gone down into the bot-

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closed box. These lozenges are simply chewed, and not taken

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region of the stomach every morning before rising; it should be

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penny-worth of Treacle, a penny-worth of Licoras, a good qv^tity of

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is called Fenus-hair\ but if the time of the Year be fuch that they cannot

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which done, Ride the Horfe twice every Day, that is, Morning and

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Rats-Tails 22 5. An appravtd Cure for the Scratches p, 225:. The Ring-kne

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quart of ffrong PofTet Ale, and mjke her drink every Morning^ which

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If you will purine, cleanfe and heal any old Sore, take three pints <yF

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Head-ach. Take Feathers and Brimftone, and burn them on a Chafing-

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beaten into fine Powder; after which, take it luke-ivarm, and with a Sy-

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ceive that his Fits continue, and bring the Horfe to any weaknefs, you

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Other of the Ancient Farriers take off the Horfe's Shooes, and pare

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as you can poffibly wi;h both Hands, if then you fee him when he is

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that faileth to take away the Oifence, to Adminifter a Purgation. Kow

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they will not bear any Shooe above a Day at the moft, if rid

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A New and Eafie Way to prevent all Diftempers in Horfe s and Sheep :

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Noted Mineral Waters Possessing Healing Virtues, ... 540

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Iron ; and then with another blunt hot Iron as big as a Man's Finger

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all moft convenient. After Travel, ever flop the infide of the Hoof

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figned on the Monday let that and Friday be his Heating Days.

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dil and Sage, and lay it all about the Temples of his Head, and between

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ving my felf ineafured many Horles, 1 never yet could find any certain-

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Forty Shillings, to warrant his Life; The Gentleman confents, rather than

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Firfl", The Blood Hound, ufed to find out Dear-ftealers, or will

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like Colour to the Horfe, holding them clofe to his Head, witli your

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thattheylDleed, that then they mutt be taken up and not corded at all.

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andgi^e it the Horle to drink: but either of the other Medicines are

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by great Travel, or by iharp and hot Meats and Drinks, or el fe by the

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THIS Difeafe of ihort BreJith or Purfinefs, may come two feveral

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Powder of Chalk, aiid putting them into Ale, make the Horfe fwallow

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parts, — the external ear, the middle ear or tympanum, and the

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disease, from being supposed to be due to the influence of the

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It is desirable to promote perspiration, which may be done

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Thorn into the Sole of the Horfe's Foot, and fuch like.

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hot Breathing, Panting, Loathing of his Meat, and Stilfnefs in his Limbs;;

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ounces, of Biiuinen two ounces, of Wax three ounces; melt and boil

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Soap, with half a fpocnful of May-Butter, (and for want thereof,

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The following is a good solvent mixture where gall stones

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moving the jaw, accompanied with fever. Sometimes the ex-

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it upon a Fiftula very hot with a Cloth, and it will fink down the

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be other Farriers which to make a Horfe fat, will take a quart of Wine,

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much thirst, though no drink can be retained on the stomach.

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hot, and beat much, or throb, and that the fwelling be fofc, it is a B ood-

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There is, however, a particular sensation which is said to be felt

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the heat-giving principle. The relative proportions of fish are

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Heats, and fuch like : You fliall now alfo underftand, that there is ano-

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(if it be before) or elfe in the Stifling- Places ; if his Grief be behind'

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wa(h nor walk hirn when you are come to your Journey's end, ride hirna-

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and larger blood-vessels, they nearly fill up ; so that when

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der the Horn their lies a Worm which will be killed if you artoint it with

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vinous or other fermented liquors, and a dose or two of some

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Curb be gone ; and in any cafe let hH your Salves be applied warm and

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the heart, as w^o see them in the diagram of that organ above

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fo Plafter-wife lay it to the Horfe's Eye, renewing it Morning and Even-

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