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and, in this condition of things, if from any cause there is more

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As we have above stated, when it Is considered that the

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point, or external commencement ot the ducts, which terminate at the larhrymal sac, the

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cond Degree, and dry in the firft ; It provokes Urine.

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jections consisting of starch, or mutton broth, and tincture of

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cannot be shortened, tiie great object will be to conduct the

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never an idiopathic disease, but is consequent on some previous

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ulceration taken place, matter is secreted, which falls down into

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of an uneven piece of yellow cartilage, covered with integu-

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fter of Soap and Salt-water. Others ule to give him five Drams of

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or lictle Bi'bbles on his Back, or doth not digeft his Meat well, it is a figu

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place, leaving no part of the Member uncovered ,• then heating a Bar

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ger, and at the leaft fix Inches in length, which we call by the fmiple

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The Mornirg you are to Run., make him a Vifit before it is well light

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vailed as an epidemic in 1818, though it doubtless has existed

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the which you rauft chule, according as you defign to put In"m to, either

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the cause of cramo is constitutional, the best preventives are

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miniftred unto the Horfe's Body, you muft draw out the Pipe with all

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Treatment. — Before we proceed to give the remedies appli-

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Foalirig, ibid. Of Adaklng a Mare cafl her Foal, p* 102. Of the Drinking

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