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fweet Flay, or green Corn-blades :;, and ever after his Medicine, let him

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to draw it back from the glans : this state is called phymosis.

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ness, give eight to ten grains of compound powder of ipecac and

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Touching the Sinews within a Horfe's Body, you fhall underftand

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mian Glands can be distinctly seen, arranged like strings of

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Wheat- Flower mingled together, and Rowl it with a long Rowler;

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Powder, and an ounce of Hogs-greafe, and mix them very well

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a large blunt Kni'e or fome old piece of U'on or Wood, flat like a Ru-

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and distributes the blood more effectually through every jiart.

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m the Summer, proceeding from the Surfeit or greedy Eating of green

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ent. In this way the heart is often greatly enlarged in bulk, and

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fhovel, or a hot Bar of Iron ; And thus do once a Day till the Pain

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he struggles for breath, and if he does not obtain timely relief,

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This Cough is moft dangerous, and not being taken in time is incura-

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Its upper end is small, and forms only a small part of the elbow

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possible to rouse him by any of the ordinary means ; the face is

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you wouldiirike, you Jhall take a long fmall Cord with a Noofe, and put-

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the anus, which ulcer has often a connection with the lower

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true proportion ; then fuch Bones, Knots, or Bunches are called Ex-

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make two Razes on each fide, it fhall be fo much the better, and en-

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glottis; 9, pharynx; 10, larynx; 11, cricoid cartilage; 12, thyroid cartilage; 13, cavity of

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HArUndinis cortex^ which We call Cane-reed, is hot and dry in the third

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that cometh of Cold. Take of Black Eleborus two or three handfuls,

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and the patient weakens; in the fourth sort, pains on the top

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on Needles, and were not able to endure his Feet upon the Grour 1 ;

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ther before their times, or dead, are very many, as Strains, Strokes,

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Powder of Elicampane, and brew them well together, and give it the

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There will probably be great smarting of the eye, and increased

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things like red P-mples on their Skin, and Locks of Wo(>l will hangloofe

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exulcerated and broken, then you fhall cut away all the rotten and falfe

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Till thefe proceeding from one Head, which is the Exulceration of the

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mixing them very well together, warm them on the fire, and fo bind it

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to six parts of boiling water ; introduce the spout of the teapot

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ting, only cold Water and Nitrum mixt together. There be others

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or Knobs on the infide, it is by realbn of his high ftriking, called by ■

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put thereto of Sugar half a Pound, of Cinnamon one Ounce, of Con-

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ftir it with a Stick to keep it from clearing • and when it hath bled as

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otherwife would be perfeftly found. But it is not my Theme to difpure

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taken every three or four hours until looseness ceases.

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The Cure then is. To bring the Horfe into fome Houfe or Place which

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of colic, in general, are a painful

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der, 4 drams ; cinnamon water, 5 ounces. Make a mixture, and

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ter fcalding hot, and fo let him lie till it be gone down into the bot-

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closed box. These lozenges are simply chewed, and not taken

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region of the stomach every morning before rising; it should be

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penny-worth of Treacle, a penny-worth of Licoras, a good qv^tity of

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is called Fenus-hair\ but if the time of the Year be fuch that they cannot

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which done, Ride the Horfe twice every Day, that is, Morning and

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Rats-Tails 22 5. An appravtd Cure for the Scratches p, 225:. The Ring-kne

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quart of ffrong PofTet Ale, and mjke her drink every Morning^ which

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If you will purine, cleanfe and heal any old Sore, take three pints <yF

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Head-ach. Take Feathers and Brimftone, and burn them on a Chafing-

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beaten into fine Powder; after which, take it luke-ivarm, and with a Sy-

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ceive that his Fits continue, and bring the Horfe to any weaknefs, you

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Other of the Ancient Farriers take off the Horfe's Shooes, and pare