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an'd when you have occafion to ufe them, take one and anoint it with
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commencing in one of the limbs, and proceeding upwards to the
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Coughs should never be neglected, they are so frequently
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Horfe be grown into an Extremity of Weaknefs) to take only Verjuice
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Morning, about feven or eigiit a-Clock, open the Horfe's Mouth v/ith a
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are not equal to meat. With flesh meat a carnivorous animal
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proaches will bo very gradual, unless this change is the result
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ance in consequence of a single debauch ; but more frequently it
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the lame Hour of the next Day,at what time hisFit will begin again. And
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diforderly Diet : For queftionlefs from thefe two, and none other Heads,
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skin together on a purfe, folding the packthred oft and oft about, and ftill
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Blood in the Neck- vein, and let him bleed well, then three Mornings
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Others ufe, after the Horfe is let blood, to take of Oil de Bay a
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Eclectic or Herbal Treatment for Asthma.— When the
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teth whatfoever is oppreffed with any cold Flegm, or hot cholerick fub-
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eale Iha 11 happen to a fucking Foal, ascommonlyjit will, and 1 my felf
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anointed with Hogs-greafe, or elfe a Rowel of either Horn or Lea-
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negar, and mix them well together, and lay ic to the Sore, and it will
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finre,* Glocejierjhire, and the like*, this Grafs may be mowed f\om Year to Year, for
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Glanders or Snivel in Sheep ibid. Sicknefs in Lambs p. 13. Necejfary things
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gree lefs than Foundring; then you fhall for thatSorance, iirft rake
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cupations in which one or other of its preparations are fre-
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he bleed abundantly, then you fhall give him this Drink : Take a Quart
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Horfe very violently, rtiakes his Legs fail him and to hang down his Head,
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then warm hisPlaifter over a Chafing-difh of Coals^ and fo lay it to
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and cool accordiiigly, the which when you find he has pretty well
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greafe, or a Plaifter of Barley-meal mixt with three Ounces of
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the powder. Nourishing food, tonics, and opiates are essential.
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with Pitch and Rozen molten together, and laid on warm, and then
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ting of the>lorn or Coffin of the Hoof from the Fleflij at the
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nnd the Flcfh will fall away on the fide of his Buttock. The Cure is,
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and a little Dialthea, then take it off the Fire, and make of it a
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Olfactory nervo terminating nnloriorly In a rounded bulb.
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Saj[[ifragiaj which we call Saxifrage, is hot, dry, and binding.
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care should bo taken to put it beyond the sphincter muscle, at
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Ripe him on the Back with your hand behind the fore-fhoulder, and
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frequent eructations of airj ditiusing a hot and disagreeable sen-
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and fometimes he will be Foundred of all his four Feet, the Signs
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you ihall heal him by feeding him often with good Meat, as with whole-
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time to digest, and putrifies in the stomach, tainting the breath.
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black Soap a pound, and feethe ic in a quart of ftrong Ale till it
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reafon that the Blood and Vital Spirits have not their Operation fo well
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cording to the Opinion of fome Farriers, i<, To take of BolearmonicJc,
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cold water; breakfast without taking previous exercise. At
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with the Powder of the Shell or Bone of the Crab-fiih, and blow it into
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Tent therein twice a Day •, then lay a Plaifter of Hog's-greafeupon the
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Gravel, which was only through Obftru^lions, and I have feen the Kid-
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veins, in the right cavities of the heart, the pulmonary artery,
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